A Bit About Plug&Drive

Plug&Drive has partnered with ABB to sell and install their top-of-the-range Terra AC Wallbox Electric Vehicle chargers. With our 50 years of engineering and electrical experience, and our status as ABB Value Provider, we are uniquely suited to work with ABB to distribute their network of smart EV chargers.

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Quality Charge Points

The lack of high-quality and affordable charge points on the market frustrated us. Which is why we partnered with ABB, who are passionate about moving EV charging into the future and developing new technology everyday.

Making these brilliant charge points accessible to all is one of Plug&Drive’s main aims, everyone deserves a reliable charge point at home and at the workplace.


UK industry produces a huge amount of emissions, and we wanted to find a way of helping our customers lessen that impact. Electric vehicles are a simple way to lessen a company’s carbon footprint.

Driving Change

Plug&Drive’s highly trained electricians are passionate about electric vehicles. So, we decided to make a one stop shop for all your EV charge point needs, with a range of ABB Terra charge points, accessories, and installation – all under one roof.