Electric vehicle chargepoints can be beneficial for a range of businesses.

As EVs rise in popularity, providing charging opportunities at your business can set you apart from competitors and make you more desirable to potential employees. Make all-important progress towards your sustainability goals, whilst increasing satisfaction for both customers and staff and boosting revenue.

The key considerations for commercial EV charging installation are:

  • Where will the chargepoints be installed?
  • How many will be installed?
  • Who will use the chargepoints?
  • Will you provide free charging opportunities?

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Whether you’re looking for a few chargepoints to support your staff, a collective of charging stations for customers’ use, or an entire infrastructure for your electric fleet, Plug&Drive can assist you from start to finish. Contact us today to find out more.


Plug&Drive is a stockist of ABB chargepoints, a great option for commercial EV charging stations.

Our ABB 22kW chargepoint is strong enough to charge large vehicles and capable of fast-charging standard EVs. The chargepoint has a type 2 socket, which is compatible with all EV models for universal charging. The wallbox has dynamic load balancing to ease the load on the electric circuit, as well as smart charging capabilities for simplified chargepoint management. With open chargepoint protocol, the ABB chargepoint works seamlessly with your management system of choice, allowing you to easily bring in revenue from your charging infrastructure. This chargepoint is OZEV-approved, allowing you to benefit from grant opportunities, lowering the cost of both the purchase and installation of the chargepoint.

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If you need help deciding the best commercial EV charging station for your needs, contact our expert team.


Offering free charging opportunities can be a great incentive for staff and customers, but commercial EV chargepoints can be utilised to generate revenue if desired. 

A chargepoint management system, such as Fuuse will allow you to easily collect payments from those using the charging facilities. You may choose to offer a subsidised cost, charging lower than competitors and enticing new customers, but you can set the price as you please if your aim is to directly profit from your EV charging stations.

Your chosen chargepoint(s) must have an open chargepoint protocol to facilitate connections with management applications.


The government Workplace Charging Scheme, in conjunction with the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, provides eligible businesses with up to 75% of the total costs of the purchase and installation of EV chargepoints. This is capped at £350 per socket and 40 total sockets per applicant. Check your eligibility here.

You must choose an approved chargepoint and have the works carried out by an approved installer to benefit from the business EV charger grant. Plug&Drive is an OZEV-approved installer and our ABB chargepoints are OZEV-approved.


Our client expressed interest in providing charging opportunities for their employees and clientele, although it was noted that demand is not particularly high. Two ABB 22kW chargepoints were selected as best suited for the circumstances.

Our team completed the installation in quick time, installing a residual current device to the main power supply as a safety measure. All safety checks were carried out to ensure the newly installed chargepoints were safe for use. The installation ended with the client receiving a full demonstration of the ABB app, with our team answering any questions they may have regarding the use of the chargepoints.

This commercial EV charging installation was completed within a few hours, setting the client up for a future of EV charging opportunities. Ready to discuss your own installation? Contact us today.