Government Support

One of the reasons behind the popularity of EVs is the government support packages available, for example the OZEV grant. The government has released a huge host of incentives to get people to buy electric cars. Whether it’s 0% road tax or 0% gift in kind tax on an EV company car.

There is even a discount on brand new EVs (up to £32,000 in value). For cars, you could get 35% or up to £1,500. For small vans, you can get up to 35% or up to £2,500. For large vans, you could get 20% or up to £5,000.

The government has also released a grant from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) which subsides the cost of chargers used to transmit electricity to your EV, contributing £350 towards a home or workplace charger (home charger grant only available until April 2022). The good news is Plug&Drive is an approved installer under this grant, so we will be able to help your business.

If you can combine all these grants and discounts, you could save thousands of pounds throughout the vehicle’s lifetime.

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Government OZEV

Plug&Drive are OZEV grant approved installers, meaning as long as you are eligible, we will be able to claim the grant on your behalf.

The grant is for 75% of the cost of installation and the charger, capped at £350 per socket. A business can claim up to £14,000 in grant funding.

It is worth bearing in mind that the OZEV grant is constantly evolving, with new businesses and funding levels being announced for 2022. If you aren’t eligible now for any funding, you may be able to claim next year or the year after, talk to our sales team to check your eligibility.

We wouldn’t recommend waiting too long however, while some new business types are being added, some groups are being dropped – for example from April 2022 homeowners can no longer claim any money under the grant. As the industry picks up and expands, the government won’t continue to subsidise it.

What are the requirements for the grant?

The grant has a few requirements that you need to meet to be eligible for the scheme. Use our checker here to make sure you are eligible before you apply.

Once you have filled in the simple form to get your voucher from the OZEV we will do all the hard work from there.

There are only two things you need to do after installation:

  1. Keep the charger in working order for three years.
  2. Supply the OZEV with data from your charger, this is a simple anonymous spreadsheet that they will combine with the data from chargers across the country in order to make policy decisions.
What type of charger is best for the grant?

If you are claiming the OZEV grant we will need to go to your business to conduct a site survey. During this, we will check what phase power supply you are connected with, and recommend which charger is best suited to your needs. We can then help you apply for the voucher for your business.

If you aren’t claiming under the grant, we will still conduct a site survey if you aren’t sure about your power supply. Currently, we offer these within a 50-mile radius of Maldon, Essex, to include Essex, Greater London, Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and Bedfordshire. If your business isn’t within limits, please still get in touch and we can see if we can help.

If you would just like to buy a charger as an off-the-shelf product and aren’t sure which one would suit you then give us a call. Our sales team will ask a few simple questions and recommend one which is best for you.

New Revenue Stream

Plug&Drive, partnered with FUUSE, is pleased to be able to create a new feature for the ABB Terra AC chargers.

This gives your customers and staff access to an app where they pay for the electricity they use to charge their EVs, monitor usage, limit usage, monitor load balancing, and much more.

You can set the price per kWh yourself, with discounted or free rates for staff members.

You can set up chargers so they are exclusively for staff use, or customers can use them at certain times of the day. The possibilities are endless, and it gives you complete control over your EV chargers.

One of the best features is its fault service, if one of your chargers is having difficulties then it will send you an alert. We will be able to fix the fault or get a technician out to you as soon as possible.

Using Fuuse will also make it quick and easy to send over data to the OZEV. You will need to send yearly reports on your chargers usage, and Fuuse makes that quick and easy for you.

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