About Us
About Us

How we started

Plug&Drive is a division of Gibbons Engineering Group, widely known and respected for our electrical services, panel building, and engineering. With so much experience we wanted to move into EV charger installation and had the expertise to do so confidently.

Plug&Drive has partnered with ABB to sell and install their top-of-the-range Terra AC Wallbox Electric Vehicle chargers, as well as our fantastic own brand charge points. With over 50 years of engineering and electrical experience, and our status as ABB Value Provider, Plug&Drive is uniquely suited to work with ABB to distribute their network of smart EV chargers.

ABB Electric Vehicle chargers are one of the most powerful, reliable, and efficient on the market. Utilising over 130 years of engineering expertise, ABB has created one of the market-leading Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers – the future of EV chargers.

One of the reasons we chose to partner with ABB, was their passion for EV and their support of its emerging technology. ABB sponsors Formula-E, the international electric driving series. The technological advancements coming from Formula-E are industry-leading, so ABB help develop this world-changing technology faster than any other company. We felt that ABB products were of the best quality because of this and wanted to provide these to our customers.

ABB EV Charger Installation
EV Charge Points
EV Charge Points

The Future of the Road

Sales of Electric Vehicles are growing considerably year-on-year.

EV drivers need more than a charger at home though. If EVs are to become the new car of choice, there needs to be chargers throughout the UK so drivers can be confident on long journeys that they won’t be left without somewhere to charge their car.

This is where business owners like you come in, you can charge a fee so drivers can charge their cars at your business using your electricity. Creating a new revenue stream and helping with the lack of chargers in the UK.

Whether you only allow staff to use them, or you open them up to the public, EV chargers are a fantastic move for your business.

Winding Road
Government legisation
Government legisation

Legislation changes

The UK government has announced a ban on petrol and diesel cars being made after 2030. All new cars sold in the UK will be electric. A lot of car manufacturers are making the switch to EVs already as a result. New technology is racing forward, an effort to improve battery life and increase range is fast on its way.

This is a dramatic change from the previous 100 years of car sales, over that time hundreds of thousands of petrol stations and mechanics have built up an infrastructure that means anywhere you are in the UK you know you aren’t far away from petrol, diesel, or someone who can fix your car.

The infrastructure for EVs isn’t at that level yet. For example, there are more EV chargers in the South-East of England than there are in the rest of the UK which poses a huge problem for EV drivers.

Whether the car is for personal use or commercial, you don’t want to be stuck only doing journeys that you can do on one charge. This is especially problematic for businesses that rely on home deliveries or they provide a mobile service, as the range of EVs won’t be enough to work for the day.

Before the move to a fully electric UK, we need hundreds of thousands more charging points. From the quick top-up chargers that will be common in most businesses and leisure areas, to rapid chargers that can give full charge quickly.

This is why we decided to start selling and installing EV chargers. We wanted to help aid this massive shift in the mindset of the country.

Electric Vehicle on Charge