The best EVs on the market

The best EVs on the market

Almost every vehicle manufacturer has branched out into the EV market, so there’s now a wide range of makes and models available to choose from when purchasing an EV. Of course, there is never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cars – the best car for you will entirely depend on your wants, needs, circumstances and budget.

Here are six EVs that are best suited for a variety of circumstances, including long-distance driving, towing and families.


EVs with the longest range

Range is one of the most important aspects of an EV, especially if you’re moving away from a petrol/diesel vehicle for the first time and aren’t yet accustomed to the process of charging your car rather than filling it up with fuel. The average range of EVs is roughly 200 miles, but many budget-friendly options fall very short of this figure. If you don’t frequently drive long distances and have a home chargepoint for added convenience, a lower range isn’t necessarily a problem, but for many drivers, it’s the main reason they haven’t yet switched.

The EV with the longest range that’s currently available in the UK is the Mercedes EQS, with the entry-level model travelling an impressive 452 miles. This vehicle will, however, set you back upwards of £100,000. The Mercedes EQS is a luxurious vehicle, with all models boasting privacy glass and a panoramic roof. The Premium model has a 360° camera, and the Premium Plus has a remote parking function along with other features.

When looking for a more budget-friendly option that still has a respectable range, the Fiat 500e is definitely a great choice. It’s currently eligible for a £3000 grant, bringing the price below £15,000 and it has a range of 199 miles, which is pretty high for an EV in this price bracket. The Fiat 500e has a variety of features included as standard, such as cruise control, lane assistance and a 10.25” display that supports Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The FIAT app provides additional features, including the ability to remotely control charging, set and schedule the air con and more.


Towing with electric vehicles

It’s a common misconception that EVs aren’t suitable for towing. In fact, due to their powerful torque, EVs are great for towing trailers and caravans. Not many manufacturers put a focus on this initially due to the difficulty of creating a vehicle capable of towing without compromising on battery range, but there are now a variety of models on the market suitable for towing.

The Genesis Electrified GV70 costs upwards of £60,000 and has a range of 283 miles. This EV is aerodynamic and sleek and has a towing capacity of 1800kg. Other benefits of the GV70 include fingerprint authentication, allowing you to set driver profiles using your fingerprint which will immediately set the vehicle to your preferred settings, such as seat and column position. It also has a head-up display that uses augmented reality to display directional arrows and street names right on the windscreen when following directions from the navigation system.

At the moment, type-approved EVs that can tow don’t tend to fall in a particularly low price range, but there are suitable alternatives to the higher price tag of the GV70. 

The Smart #1 has a starting cost of around £35,000 and a range of 273 miles. All models of the #1 are capable of towing 1600kg, only slightly below the capabilities of the GV70. The Smart #1 also has a 12.8” central display and a range of ambient lighting options for the interior of the vehicle. Using the Hello Smart app you’re able to access information about your vehicle from anywhere, including its range, battery status and tyre pressure, as well as control the air conditioning with a pre-conditioning feature.


The best family EVs

Families have a few more considerations to take when choosing a vehicle, such as its size and storage options, as well as the safety features of the vehicle.

A great contender as a family EV is the Ford Mustang Mach-E, which starts at around £50,000, reaching over £70,000 for the top GT version. As standard, it has a range of 293 miles, but the higher models reach 372 miles, which is an impressive total. The vehicle has some nice creature comforts, including a 15.5” touchscreen, heated front seats and steering wheel and a wireless smartphone charging pad. It also has parking sensors and Ford Bluecruise, an advanced driver assistance technology. The Mach-E is spacious inside and has a 100-litre ‘frunk’ under the bonnet for storage.

A more budget-friendly option for families is the MG 4, which starts at around £26,000 and boasts an impressive 323-mile range. This vehicle is also spacious enough to fit the whole family as well as your belongings and comes with alloy wheels and LED head and tail lights as standard. A 10.25” infotainment system also comes with all models, compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Trophy Long Range bumps up the range to 365 miles, as well as adding heated front seats and steering wheel, and a 360° parking camera. The MG4 is also bursting with safety features, such as active emergency braking with pedestrian and bicycle detection, lane assist, blind spot detection, driver attention alert and more.

Hopefully this blog post has helped guide you in the right direction if you’re looking to purchase an EV in the future. Don’t forget that installing an EV chargepoint at home is the best way to always have access to simple and convenient charging. Contact us today to find out how we can help.


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