Plug&Drive 7.4kW Charge Point & Charge Cable Bundle

Have an Electric Vehicle but no charging cable? No problem. The Plug&Drive charge point and charging cable bundle is all you need.

The Charge Point and Charging Cable Bundle includes:

  • Plug&Drive 7.4kW EV Charge Point
  • 5m, single phase Plug&Drive EV Charging Cable

Each Plug&Drive Charge Point comes with the following features:

  • App or RFID controlled
  • Simple app set up
  • Smart charging
  • Untethered for universal charging
  • Compatible with all EVs and PHEV models
  • 7.4kW (32A) charging speed
  • Three RFID cards included, perfect for guests or for use without the app
  • One-year warranty
(£433.33 excluding VAT)
  • Information
  • Technical Specifications

7.4kW (32A) charging is perfect for at home charging – you can plug in when you get home and wake up in the morning to a fully charged car. With our smart charging function, you can take advantage of lower tariffs and use more green energy to power your EV. So, you will see even bigger savings compared to running a petrol or diesel car (ICE vehicle).

Our charge points come with three RFID cards, so your guests can easily use your charge point to charge their cards without having to set up an app. Or if you are running a small business you can give these cards to your staff without having to source your own.

Wanting to use more than one charge point? Perhaps you have two EVs that need charging at the same time, or your business need is expanding. Our 7.4kW charge point comes with load balancing, so you can add addition charge points without risking using too much power if your supply is limited.

Check out our full product range here.

The Plug&Drive EV charging cables are durable, reliable, and easy to use.

An ideal purchase for company cars, fleets, or as a helpful spare.

The Plug&Drive EV charging cable is the perfect accessory for your electric vehicle and it’s charge point. With fewer cars coming with cables as standard, it is an essential item to add to your list.

We do not recommend leaving your cable attached to your charge point or outside when not in use.

Technical Specifications
  • 5m length
  • Single phase
  • Type 2 to Type 2, perfect for use in the UK and Europe
  • Copper alloy contacts
  • Rated IP44 – great for indoor use or in light rain
  • 400 VAC
  • Power current: 32A
  • Weight: Single phase 2.3kg
  • Weight: Three phase 5.2kg