Plug&Drive Partners with Fuuse

Partnering with Fuuse

When we launched Plug&Drive, one of our most frequently asked questions was about charging for the cost of the electricity used to charge an electric vehicle. Our customers have ranged in their intentions for doing this, from setting their chargers up as a money-making enterprise to charging staff electricity at cost so they don’t see their business’ bills wrack up. They wanted a charge point management system where they could control all aspects of their chargers.

It is surprisingly inexpensive to charge an EV, even with rising energy costs it is still far less expensive than filling your car up with petrol or diesel.

However, this doesn’t mean a business should bear the increased costs unnecessarily. That is why we can now offer our customers Fuuse, the third-party back-end software that allows you to charge per kW hour used.

Why Fuuse?

Fuuse was founded to simplify payment processes for EV drivers, as well as create a user-friendly office management system so businesses can track or limit the use of their EV chargers.

Fuuse is a charge point management platform that can be used by any OCPP charger. So, if you have several brands of EV chargers you can group them together with Fuuse, and easily manage them at once rather than having to log into each brand’s office management system.

Fuuse also has handy features such as static load balancing, so you can make sure your energy usage doesn’t outweigh what your business can comfortably use. You can also easily download and send this information to the OZEV if you are using the grant scheme to help pay for your charger.

Integrated Technology

The Fuuse software works seamlessly with the ABB chargers we supply. This is one of the reasons we chose Fuuse, as their software was created to work perfectly with ABB chargers for the best user experience and simplicity of use.

Plug&Drive Management

Plug&Drive has its own version of Fuuse that we will be offering our customers. We can help with the management of the platform, as well as training and maintenance of the system and charge points.

Plug&Drive will be able to see, through the backend charge point management system, if a charge point is underperforming, or not working as it should be. 9/10 these problems can be fixed remotely, and quickly so your staff or customers can get back to charging quickly.

What Can You Control?

With Fuuse, you can control each charger. Who can use it, when they can use it, and how much money you charge.

You can set up profiles for different people, so staff could be charged 5p per kW hour, but customers 30p per kW hour, and fleet charging could be free.

Set-Up Process and Training We Provide

If you opt to use Fuuse when organising your charge point installation, then our Engineer will set up the software with Fuuse, and you will be able to start using it straight away.

The installation of the software is quick and easy, and we will be able to provide you with training on how to use it at a time which is handy for you.

For more information on how to add Fuuse to your package or to enquire about pricing, get in touch with our team on 01621 868 138 or email