Installing EV charge points for business: a case study

EV charge points aren’t just useful for homeowners, there are a variety of businesses and commercial buildings that can benefit from them too. Any business with employees that drive EVs, or customers and visitors that would find use in EV charge points should consider having some installed. EVs are rising in popularity and you want to stay on top of the surge.

We already have a handy guide of key considerations for employers who are thinking of installing EV charge points, but this blog post will walk you through a recent Plug&Drive installation for a business, showing what you can expect as a customer from the first point of contact to the end results.

The brief

R W Crawfords Agricultural Machinery Ltd. recently approached our sales team regarding the installation of EV charge points at their premises. The demand for EV charging at this site wasn’t particularly high, but the client expressed a want for charging options for use by employees and clientele that visit the site.

Product selection

Our knowledgeable sales team discussed the variety of options that were available to the client. Our team answered any questions the client had about the available options, and our recommendations to complement their specific needs and requirements were given. 

It was decided that two ABB Terra AC 22Kw charge points were ideal for this scenario. The 22Kw charge point is the preferred option for faster charging, which is crucial for short-stay use. It was also decided that two ABB pedestals would be installed for the charge points to be mounted on.

Installation day

Our installation team arrived on the day and headed straight to the agreed location: the customer and staff car park at the rear of the building. Once at the site, it became apparent to the installation team that the ABB pedestals would not be necessary as the charge points could easily be fitted to the exterior wall of the building, so the installation continued without the pedestals.

The team installed a residual current device (RCD) to the main power supply as a safety measure. An RCD will cut the power in the event of a fault, preventing electrocution. Once the charge points were installed the team ran all necessary safety checks, testing each charge point alongside legislation to ensure that they were safe for use.

Every ABB installation ends with the client receiving a full demonstration of the ABB app, including sufficient training on the capabilities and usage of the system. The team also use this time to ensure any questions that the client may have regarding the use of the charge points are answered. Once the client was confident with the app, our installers handed over the certification documents for the charge points and cleared up any debris left from the works.

All works completed in under five hours

Once the charge points were installed and the app was set up, the client was ready to begin charging. The job went very smoothly and was completed in good time. R W Crawfords is now able to provide EV charging opportunities to its employees, clients and visitors.


Matthew Gibbons, our managing director, commented on the installation: “It’s great to see yet another business taking an important step towards supporting the mass rollout of electric vehicles. The demand for charge points is constantly increasing and it’s important that businesses stay ahead of the curve by accommodating electric vehicle users in this way.

“We cannot progress towards a net zero future without making changes and supporting others to do the same. If these charge points inspire an employee or client of R W Crawfords to make the switch to electric, then we’re one small step closer to a better future for all.”


If you’d like to discuss an installation at your own business premises, get in touch with a member of our expert team today.