EV road trips

As the weather warms, many people will be thinking about taking a holiday or a short break away. Road trips are often a popular option for those who wish to travel within the country. Unfortunately, a common concern for EV owners is range anxiety, the worry that the vehicle’s range won’t last the entire journey, or that you’ll run out of miles before reaching an available charge point. Due to this, using an EV for a road trip may seem overwhelming. 

Well, worry not! Publicly accessible charge points are popping up in the masses across the country, so the majority of routes, even those that are particularly rural, often have suitable charging opportunities. Here are four EV-friendly road trips that you can embark on this summer.

Atlantic Highway

The Atlantic Highway

The Atlantic Highway is a route that begins in Somerset, taking you through Devon and Cornwall. The route is roughly 250 miles long, with a variety of tourist attractions and accommodation options at varying points of the journey. Some of the popular stops include Exmoor National Park, Land’s End and the surf town, Newquay, with plenty of charming villages along the way. There are a huge amount of charge points following the route, so minimal detours will be required for recharging purposes.


The best of Norfolk

This route spans roughly 100 miles of Norfolk countryside, starting in Norwich and taking you through Cromer, Wells, Burnham Market (and more!) before ending in Kings Lynn. You can pick and choose where you want to stop and explore and where you want to stay for the night. The charge points on this route are significantly fewer than the Atlantic Highway, but are still more than suitable to accommodate an EV travelling this distance. Most EVs can complete this route on a single charge, but it’s nice to know that charging opportunities are available if you do need them.

The Dragon’s Spine

This incredible route takes you coast to coast in Wales, starting at the South in Cardiff and ending at the North in Conwy. Roughly 180 miles long, this route partly hugs the coastline but also takes you through bustling cities, past two national parks and a variety of rural pubs. This is the ideal road trip for anybody wanting to experience Wales, with a range of adventurous activities to stop at along the way, or a wealth of historic culture to experience – whichever suits you best! With plenty of charge points following the route, EV drivers can enjoy what Wales has to offer without range anxiety.

North Coast

North Coast 500

Dubbed the ‘Scottish Route 66’, North Coast 500 is just over 500 miles of stunning coastal scenery. It starts and ends in Inverness, taking you for a full loop of the Scottish Highlands. From active adventures to historical sights and local produce and distilleries, there are activities to suit all. North Coast 500 is a very popular road trip route, so there are a variety of accommodation options available throughout the entire route. To top it all off, there are charge points dotted across the route, making it suitable for EV drivers.

Make sure you check Zapmap before heading on any road trip to be confident that the available infrastructure suits your travel plans. Even if you’re following a route with an abundance of charging opportunities, knowing at which point of the journey each one is can help reduce the risk of falling into a sticky situation.

Thanks to the abundance of public charge points across the country, UK-based road trips are becoming much more accessible for EVs. EV drivers can now ditch their range anxiety and enjoy the ride!

Charge point maps sourced through Zapmap.

Photo by Brian de Karma: https://www.pexels.com/photo/gray-road-and-green-mountains-1687122/

Photo from www.freepik.com