EV charging for employees

EV Charging Options for Employees

If you have decided to upgrade your company vehicles to electric, you will need to provide somewhere for your employees to charge their EVs. Or, maybe you want to encourage them to buy their own, one of the simplest ways is to provide EV charging at your business

You have several options for employee charging opportunities:

  1. Free charging
  2. Subsidised charging

This article will go through these options for you, giving you a brief explanation of what your options are and what would be expected of you as an employer.

 When you are providing charge points at work, you can either do it for free or you can charge your staff to cover your costs. If you are providing company vehicles then you should let them charge for free as you would otherwise be paying for petrol or diesel. So, we won’t go through that too much.

However, if you are providing charge points as a way to bring in new business or encourage an uptake of EVs with your staff then you may want to think about ways you can cover your costs.

Free charging

If you provide free charging for your staff, you will see an increase in retention, happier staff, and a higher uptake in EVs. 

If the cost of commuting to work is taken away, then that is a huge bonus for your employees at minimal cost to you and your business.

Forget beanbags and football tables, free car charging will be far more appreciated – and cost a lot less than a fuel allowance. 

Subsidised charging

Subsidised charging is the most popular option for lots of companies. 

This way you could either charge your employees for exactly how much power they use to charge their cars, or you could absorb some of the costs into the business in order to encourage the use of EVs.

Our partner back office system Fuuse is a really easy and user-friendly way to manage this.

There is a huge range of ways to make it easier for your staff to switch to electric vehicles. From a salary sacrifice scheme, to using the OZEV grant to lessen the cost of your charge points – it doesn’t have to be a huge and costly change in infrastructure. Check your eligibility for the OZEV grant by completing our quick online quiz.


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